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Aria Las Vegas - The Largest and Tallest Structure at CityCenter

Why Aria Las Vegas is Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

If you like to experience new things once in a while, Aria Las Vegas (Aria Resort and Hotel) is a wonderful place to explore. Its design is breathtaking and being the tallest and largest structure at CityCenter is definitely a must see in your trip to Las Vegas. Now, the question is, why is Aria Las Vegas hotter than Jennifer Lawrence? Let’s see why:

Here is a photo taken from the outside of the hotel

Aria Las Vegas

Here is some background:

Aria Las Vegas Resort and Casino is a luxury resort and casino in the CityCenter complex on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. Aria Las Vegas consists of two curved glass and steel highrise towers adjoined at the center. It opened on December 16, 2009 as a joint venture between MGM Resorts International and Infinity World Development. At 4,000,000 sq ft (370,000 m2) and 600 ft (180 m) in height, it is the largest and tallest structure at CityCenter.

The resort’s 61 and 51-story towers contain a AAA five diamond[3] hotel with 4,004 guest rooms and suites, 16 restaurants, 10 bars and nightclubs, and a casino with 150,000 sq ft (14,000 m2) of gaming space. It also has a 215,000 sq ft (20,000 m2) pool area with 50 cabanas, an 80,000 sq ft (7,400 m2) salon and spa, a 300,000 sq ft (28,000 m2) convention center and a 1,800-seat theater which currently hosts Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil.

Among the most notable aspects of Aria Las Vegas is its incorporation of technology in the exterior and interior design of the hotel,[4] specifically for the reduction of energy consumption. It is the largest hotel in the world to have earned LEED Gold certification.[5] On account of its smart rooms which automatically adjust curtains, turn off unused lights and electronics, and regulate the temperature when a guest enters or leaves a room, Aria Las Vegas was described in Popular Mechanics as possibly “the most technologically advanced hotel ever built”.[6] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aria_Resort_and_Casino

Does a Aria Las Vegas Hotel charge a resort fee?

The answer to that question is simple yes, currently, the top-tier properties along the Strip are all charging around $25 while mid-range hotels go from $15 to $20. ARIA Las Vegas Resort & Casino charges a $22.40 daily resort fee, which includes Wi-Fi or wired Internet connections, and use of the fitness center. Not keen on the extra charge at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel? Book one of ARIA’s Sky Suites — room prices are higher in the luxurious suites, but there is no resort fee, and guests of these suites also receive extra perks like a private check-in lobby and complimentary refreshments throughout the day.

Some extras at ARIA Las Vegas come with fees, too, like accessing the gorgeous spa facilities at The Spa at ARIA, which will cost you $30 per day — a fee that’s waived if you book a treatment. Fitness classes cost about $50 for an hour, and one-on-one personal training runs $85 an hour.

Honestly, I think this is stupid but lets see what others are thinking about it
source: http://www.vegastripping.com/news/blog/3573/bend-over-the-aria-resort-fee-is-coming-for-christmas/

And what is it you’re going to get for that $22.40? You’ve got the standard list of freebies – in-room internet, in-room local and toll-free calls (as if anybody who goes to Vegas anymore doesn’t already have a cell and/or smartphone sitting in their pocket), daily newspaper, airline boarding pass printing – and some of the Wynncore-centric amenities – fitness center access–are included. As well, the always alluring, persistently elusive “two welcome cocktails” used to make any unsuspecting idiot valued Aria Las Vegas guest think they’re getting some sort of deal are there. And last but not least, there is a first of its kind “free campus-wide wireless internet” that we have to be honest and say does sound pretty cool.

To be honest, though, the discussion we all need to be having isn’t whether or not you can get your money’s worth out of the fee; it’s whether or not Aria Las Vegas is worth an extra $2.40 more than, by almost all accounts, the nicest joints in town. Is it? I certainly don’t think so, most people I speak to don’t think so, and if current room rate and discount promotion trends are to be believed, the Las Vegas tourist base doesn’t seem to think so either. What, then, could possibly lead MGM to think that its customer service disaster-filled, nearly bankrupt albatross is a resort that is worth more than its fiercest of competition? Greed? Ignorance? Desperation? Discuss.

Finally, a warning note: As if abysmal service and poor pedestrian traffic weren’t enough to get us to make a general recommendation that you stay anywhere other than Aria, this new resort fee just fans the flame of our “Really, stay at Bellagio” fire. Whether the resort is a deal or not is irrelevant here. What’s relevant is that Aria Las Vegas wants to take more additional monies out of your pocket per night than Wynn Las Vegas without providing a level of service comparable to that resort.

What should we do to stop the resort fee ? Go to www.change.com and start a petition to remove resorts fee you will be hero of millions

Water features at Aria

In Vegas, it’s very easy to get thirsty – especially during the summer. You’ll want to drink water from just about anywhere. But after seeing these water features at Aria, all you’ll want to do is stare.

Created by WET, the design firm responsible for the fountains at Bellagio and The Volcano at Mirage, these water features are another spectacular display on the Strip.

Once you pull up to Aria’s porte-cochère, you’ll immediately notice Lumia, a fountain featuring twisting ribbons and large arcs of streaming water. The splashes are in perfect sync, creating bold “water sparks” at their intersections. And here’s something you don’t see everyday: This is the first fountain ever to display bright neon colors in broad daylight. We’re so used to seeing these colors at nighttime, but looking at Lumia during the day feels like your eyes are playing tricks on you. But make sure to check out Lumia at nighttime, too. The hot pink, green, purple and blue colors with the splashing water stand out even more.

With the resort’s mission of being green, the water you see in Lumia is recycled and even has a computerized system that helps control splashing during windy days.

Just steps away along the outer entrance circle you’ll see Focus, an expansive, curved water wall made of highly textured stone. This water wall measures 250 feet long by 24 feet high, making it WET’s largest water wall to date. This breathtaking, calming water wall brings a sense of peace as you enter the property. The fountain is programmable and the engineers can control the speed and direction of the water.

If you’re entering from the casino side, you’ll see Latisse, a series of two-story-high walls composed purely of thick, textured glass. Watching the water flow down the backside of the glass hints how it would it feels like to walk under a rippling waterfall.

Can’t get enough of these water features? Just next door inside the Crystals shopping mall, you’ll get to see even more. Located near the two-story Louis Vuitton stands Glacia, a feature that includes large pillars of carved ice, with the tallest one standing at 15 feet. When these columns rise from a control room below, they are carved into a different pattern. This means the feature will never look the same twice. Colored lighting, along with music created by Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, add to the experience.

And just a few steps away, you’ll get to run through a maze of water – all without getting wet. Halo is a collection of clear tubes spinning vortices of water. There are a total of 20 tubes, along with 30 windows below so you can see the water from underneath. Glacia and Halo can be seen during mall hours (10 a.m. – midnight).

All this talk about creative water features at Aria Las Vegas and Crystals leaves us thirsty for more. http://www.vegas.com/attractions/on-the-strip/aria-fountains

Room Quality:

At 520 square feet, the rooms at Aria Las Vegas Resort and Casino Las Vegas are more than half-again the size of an average hotel room. The rooms are done in neutral browns and whites. The bedding and furniture are plush and deluxe – just as you’d expect from such a luxury joint as Aria Las Vegas Resort and Casino at CityCenter. The differentiating thing here, besides the bathrobes, is the fancy technology. For this reason, some say Aria Las Vegas Hotel CityCenter is the best hotel in Las Vegas. Big flat screens, one-touch control of lighting, room temp, TV, drapes, room service and other stuff. If you can figure it all out, you can synchronize the room temp, volume and lighting to gradually wake you up. Bathrooms are all granite with separate showers and tubs. But, you sort of expect that nowadays, don’t you? Want a view? You can pay extra for a “City View” room. Want a bigger room? Upgrade to a 920 square feet or an even bigger suite.
Service Quality:

Twice-daily room service at Aria Las Vegas means you can make a mess twice as often. The hotel is a swanky joint and they offer service commensurate with the other top-end players in town.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom:

Shampoo and separate conditioner, lotion, mouthwash and, although they don’t come in bottles, bathrobes that you can wear while you march up and down the Aria Las Vegas hallway playing the harmonica. Of course, you’ll run into several other people with similar plans. Maybe you can start a band! Is it true that hairspray is included? Do people still use that stuff?


To some degree, Aria Las Vegas Resort and Casino at CityCenter poaches clientele from existing places on the Strip. With the fancy shopping in the complex and the high-end eateries, you can expect Aria Las Vegas to feature the mid30s and up crowd who drive German cars and wear a lot of silk.
How’s the Pool?

There are three large pools at Aria Las Vegas, all shaped like ovals of some sort. Count on a lot of pool real estate and lots of palm trees to surround it. The pool is on a deck, not at street level, so between the deck and the pool size you might just feel like the regular Las Vegas crowds are beneath you.

Resort Fee:

Aria Las Vegas Hotel CityCenter’s $25 per night resort fee goes towards Internet access on the whole property, local and toll-free calls, Fitness Center and spa access, daily newspaper, two welcome cocktails per stay and airline boarding pass printing.
Is it Worth It?
The swanky and new vibe of Aria in the new CityCenter complex is definitely worth a splurge. Just don’t forget it will be a splurge or you’re wallet won’t be too happy for the rest of the trip.

Here are some reviews from previous guests:

Aria Reviews

Aria Las Vegas being a 5 diamond resort is a great choice for housing during vacationing in Las Vegas. Aria Resort and Casino is just like any other 5-Diamon resorts, with good and bad things. If you decide to give it a try enjoy your staying.