Why Las Vegas Hotels and Shows are Afraid of the Truth

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Are you tired of looking at so many Las Vegas hotels and still haven’t found the right one? Have you decided what show to watch? If you are traveling to Vegas and don’t know where to stay or what to do while staying in this beautiful city, then you have come to the right place. 6 years ago I was in the same place you are right now. I had no clue of where to stay and what to do, so I just booked a room in the Venetian Hotel and while we were there my husband and I didn’t do much. It was until the following year that we made our research online and found so many fun things to do.

Here is how we divided our list:

1. Hotels:
We researched the best hotels, lower cost but yet clean and comfy. We wanted to be in the center of the strip. During our so many trips to las Vegas we have stayed in so many hotels, the Venetian, Monte Carlos, Circus Circus, Flamingo, and Polo Towers. I have to say that the winners for us are Monte Carlos and Polo Towers, don’t get me wrong the Venetian is a very romantic and comfortable hotel if you’re not taking any kids for you. On the other hand Circus Circus is perfect for a family with kids but not that great for people with allergies and not exactly in the center of the strip.

We really like Monte Carlos because is right in the center, the prices are very reasonable, it’s beautiful and the customer service is great. You can easily get a room with strip view and spa for $150 a night, and believe me that is something you wouldn’t regret paying. The buffet in there is great too.

Now about Polo Towers; this is actually a condo complex. If you plan to stay for at least a week in Las Vegas, this would be a great choice since you have a full kitchen and you can cook your own meals. It’s also very comfortable.

2. Buffets:

We personally love Buffet of Buffets (inside El Rio Hotel). You have a great variety of food and if you buy the tickets at discounted tickets you will be paying $19 instead of $29 per person. We also like the buffer inside Monte Carlos hotel and the Buffet inside the Stratosphere Hotel.

3. Shows:
You have to see the following shows: Le Reve (The Dream), the “O” Show, The Phantom of the Operah, and tournament of kings (for kids).

4. Kid friendly places:
You have to take your kids to circus circus, they will love it. The will also love the secret garden inside the Mirage Hotel. Take them to the MGM Grand hotel to see the lions and to the Caesar Palaces to see the fish. The Luxor is another great hotel for kids since it has such a fun Arcade.

5. Shopping:
There is a shopping center inside the Venetian Hotel, you have to go there, the variety in the stores are great. The fashion show mall is the place to shop in Las Vegas, you have to go there.

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